What We Stand For

As a PhD chemist, I’ve worked at the forefront of technology in different fields. Up to recently I never ceased to be thrilled by the wonders that we chemists can accomplish. As a father of two young children, afflicted with allergies and eczema, I have come to appreciate the negative role of chemicals on our health. In the last few weeks, our eldest daughter has been going through a difficult bout of eczema covering most of her skin. We have managed to reduce the severity of the crisis using very effective 100% natural oils but were baffled by the fact that everyday brought a new skin irritation. We started looking into our environment to find whether there was a known irritant coming regularly into contact with our daughter’s skin and to our astonishment we discovered that her toothpaste contained Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS). SLS is a powerful detergent that causes severe skin irritation. Children’s toothpaste was the last place we were expecting to find SLS!

At Vanga Lama WE STAND FOR SAFE HEALTHY BEAUTY and are therefore committed to manufacture cosmetics that do not contain chemicals period. I use my expertise in chemistry to craft effective cosmetics from mostly edible oils without the need of the synthetic and potentially harmful chemicals found in most cosmetics including the ones labelled natural.

Whether you use Vanga Lama’s products or not, I encourage you to enquire about the ingredients in your everyday products from washing up liquid to face mask, shampoo and conditioner and to seek safer alternatives.