What does 'Natural' really mean?

There is a growing trend concerning natural food and cosmetics. This trend stems from the realisation that ingredients in the products we use daily can be dangerous for our long term health. However there is no clarity about what ‘natural’ means and this has allowed big brands as well as small manufacturers to dupe consumers by the use of the term ‘natural’ accompanied by pretty pictures of fruit or plant when actually their products mainly contain synthetic chemicals whose impact on human health either clearly deleterious or is not fully understood.

At VANGA LAMA when we say our products are 100% NATURAL, we mean that they are made exclusively from plant-based and edible ingredients (although the final products are not destined to be consumed by mouth). We do not use artificial ingredients, synthetic chemicals, or preservatives still our products are very effective. They are slightly more expensive than mass produced supermarket products containing artificial and sometimes harmful ingredients but quality and safety have a cost. This cost is not too high for preserving our long term wellbeing.

Become more conscious and deliberate about the choice of genuine natural products for your skin and hair care.