Everybody finds curly hair beautiful, so many people come to us whenever we are out and about to say they like our daughters’ curly hair. Just as many people ask what we put on their curly hair. This is a recurring question shared by a lot of mums of curly haired children from both African and Caucasian descent. How come that despite literally millions of hair products this question is so prevalent? The answer might be that there are very few products designed for this type of curly hair. Furthermore the few products that could be used contain, more often than not, harmful or irritating chemicals. We are dedicated to promoting 100% natural, safe and effective hair care for curly hair and kinky hair.

For our daughters’ curly hair, we use Coco Delight Hair Mask and Mixed Hair Oil, 100% natural and effective products from Vanga Lama designed specifically for curly hair and kinky hair. Try them today to address your curly hair care concerns.