We launched our first products in January 2017. Right at the start, a lady dear to our hearts gave us a gift. We had prepared a 100% natural anti-ageing oil to make the skin look young and healthy again. We had the scientific evidence and our belief but nothing else in terms of tangible proof of the effectiveness of the oil. Here entered this special lady, young at heart and with an open mind, who offered herself to test our newly released Green Tea Oil. Week after week we watched amazed and excited as her skin was transformed: the blemishes disappeared, the rosacea too. Her skin became supple, fresh looking and radiant. We had the evidence that Vanga Lama’s 100% Natural Green Tea oil transformed the skin, made it youthful again. Since then others have experienced the benefits of Green Tea Oil on their skin. We owe special thanks to this lady who gave us a generous gift by trusting us when nobody would…in return she received the gift of a youthful skin.