Have You wondered About Trying CBD Supplements?

Here are the experiences of our customers:

Liz said “I’ve been using the 3-4 drops of your 2.5ml cbd for about 7 weeks now when I feel my migraines coming on. I can see the improvement very quickly & I’ve taken significantly less prescription medicine. As a side benefit I’ve also noticed my ovulation and period pain significantly reduce during my cycle, which is great. The taste is great compared to other brands I’ve used in the past.”

 Sharna said: “I have been taking the CBD oil with turmeric religiously twice daily. The main thing I have noticed is I am no longer getting serious muscle spasms in my legs at night! I actually forgot to take it last night and guess what? ..... the painful spasms were back! I have been so impressed I have given the second bottle I bought from you to my Mum as she suffers with this also, so fingers crossed it helps her too. The other thing I have noticed is that it has really helped with my anxiety too! It is a fantastic product and I would recommend it to everyone (I’ve already recommended it to several people).”

Bev said: “I've been using the 2.5% CBD oil with turmeric for about 3 weeks after buying it at the Norwich vegan fair, I often struggle with anxiety and sleep problems and have found that the oil has helped me sleep a lot better and I feel more able to manage my anxiety. It's lasting well too! I will be keeping it going!”


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