We should not be forced to choose between beauty and long term health. More and more people are conscious that the numerous artificial ingredients in commercial cosmetics can be deleterious to their present and future wellbeing.

We are particularly concerned about babies and children who might be exposed to harmful chemicals so early in their lives and be at increased risk of diseases in the future. We believe in and promote natural healthy beauty.

Our commitment is to help create for our customers beautiful and healthy hair and skin solutions, by offering 100% natural products that contain neither preservatives nor synthetic chemicals of any sort. As a result the shelf-life of our products is shorter however we believe it is a good trade-off for using safer products. Do we really need products containing potentially harmful preservatives just to be able to use them once opened for 12 to 18 months?

For us the answer is definitely no; so if you agree with us come and join us in the journey for a long term healthy beauty. Vanga Lama is a small family oriented company offering hand crafted 100% natural cosmetics. We work with our customers to design and offer products that address their needs and delights them. We are always listening and are agile so do not hesitate to contact us so that we can serve you better."